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Best Adventures To Enjoy In Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. It offers amazing attractions an places that you cannot find anywhere else, if you are a traveler and you like to explore untouched beauty of nature then Indonesia is the best place. It is a land of mountains, lush forests, beaches, volcanoes that draws the attention of tourists. With its magnificent temples, glorious mosques and amazing museums Indonesia is a house to several mesmerizing tourists spots.

The country has little bit for everyone, despite of being millions of tourists visiting Indonesia every year, there is still large portion of the nation especially in java and Sumatra that remains unexplored. If you love adventures, Indonesia has no shortage of them, here are some best things to do in Indonesia:

Get your surf on: Indonesia is a home to some epic waves, it is considered as heaven for surfers. Many surfing sites will offer everything from a beginner waves to large barrels. If you are touring around Bali consider surfing atleast once.

Get healthy in Bali: The best thing about Bali is that it has a huge amount of healthy food choices. You can find everything from meditation centers, yoga retreats to healthy organic restaurants and cafes. You can even check for more adventures in Bali while you are relaxing.

Explore mountains and volcanos: Indonesia has got numerous mountains and volcanos, one of the best travel experience you can get is watching sunrise over mount Bromo. Apart from Mt. Bromo, watching the blue flames in Kawah ijen is another must do activity.

Attend cooking class: take part in culinary adventure by attending cooking class where you can learn how to cook delicious Indonesian foods.

Eat, pray and adventure at Ubud: Ubud is the cultural capital of Indonesia and it is the most popular spot for tourists. the place is filled with rice farms, temples, waterfalls and heaps for adventurous things to do.

Explore Marine life: If you are an abide scuba diver then diving in Indonesia will give you best experience. There are several diving sites around every island in country but best diving can be experienced in Komodo National park and Raja Ampat.

As mentioned earlier, Indonesia has something to offer for everyone. All these adventures will ensure that you will enjoy your stay during trip. There are yet many adventurous activities in Indonesia that is hard to cover in short span.