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Best outdoor toys for children

Studies have proven time and again that playing outdoors is great for children. It will help in their physical and mental development. As soon as summer nears, many people look forward to purchase outdoor toys for the benefit of kids. Most of these toys are designed keeping in mind the needs of children.Some of the best outdoor toys available in the market are

Tenergy RC Drone Toy – This beginner Drone toy is great for kids who are looking forward to play using one. This mini drone toy has an auto stabilization feature with three impressive stunt trick functions. The toy can be integrated with an iOS or Android based device and one can experience footages of the pictures taken by the toy.

Kiddie Archery set – Kids usually love to shoot targets. The mini archery set enables kids to hit the coveted bull’s eye and they can also get some initial exposure to the sport of archery. This easy to use archery set comprises of three arrows that have super strong suction cups and they are very much safe for children. The set can be even used to play games indoors.

Magicfly Kids Parachute Toy – This toy comprises of a colourful parachute which is 12 feet high. It also comes with eight easy to use handles which enables kids to run, jump and play using this toy. The fabric used in this parachute is made of durable, eco friendly and waterproof polyester.

Plasmart The original Plasmacar Toy – This is a simple car toy and it is extremely safe for kids. It does not have any gears, batteries or pedals. It is quite easy to use and is hence suitable even for very small children. The toy has also received very good reviews on ecommerce sites and has turned out to be extremely popular across the world.