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Best Tooth Whitening Treatments

Tooth whitening treatments are one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. People often love to have that dazzling smile. But the colour of teeth reduces a s a person ages. Also the colour is dependent on his or her diet, consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol etc. Tooth colour also gets affected if a person smokes a lot. A procedure called tooth whitening is commonly performed by dentists to help people to have shiny, white teeth. Nowadays tooth whitening kits are available in pharmacies and also with dentists. These kits can provide white teeth in a matter of a few hours. But still it is good to get tooth whitened from a professional. Some of the steps involved in tooth whitening at a dental clinic are’

Cleaning – The first step involves a professional dental cleaning procedure as is the case with many other dental treatments. In this step, a dentist cleans your tooth professionally to help a person to get rid of debris, stains and tartar. This step can itself provide a better look to the tooth.

In the next step, a dentist uses a dental shade guide to compare samples of a person’s teeth to the appropriate colour that matches the original teeth. Then the dentist will place oral dams that can prevent damage to the surrounding tooth tissues owing to the presence of peroxide in most of the cleaning agents. After this process, a dentist will apply the whitener or bleaching agent. Then the whitener is activated using a bleaching light or laser.

It is good to get this tooth whitening done by a professional dentist because the store bought tooth whitening products work only on people with light stains on their teeth but not for those with severe stains. On the other hand, the products that dentists use can penetrate into the deeper layers of teeth removing stubborn stains also.

Sometimes the store bought tooth whitening products should be used for weeks or months together to achieve the desired results. Even then, one cannot see the results in most of the cases, A dentist on the other hand can perform tooth whitening treatment and provide results instantly.

Sometime over the counter tooth whitening products cause pain and sensitivity. This can be due to incorrectly placed oral dams. A Invisalign dentist on the other hand will place dams perfectly and offer a painless treatment procedure. Also they suggest several fluoride treatments which when used later on can prevent any occurrence of pain or sensitivity.