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Café Equipment

You have a great coffee business plan, location suitable for your plan and a beautiful name which suits your plan but with all those do you have any idea about what all the equipment’s required to open a café?? Even though specific requirements may vary from business to business. Here are some the equipment list to get started.

เมล็ด กาแฟ สด, the first consideration for any independent coffee shop is a source of coffee bean, which will give your coffee a unique fresh flavor that defines your brand. Choosing a best coffee machine will allow you to transfer the coffee bean into a type of coffee which your customers’ needs like lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and other special brews. Which in turn will increase your profit more than selling a cup of plain coffee or black coffee. Buying a new equipment is most recommended than purchasing a used equipment. New coffee machines will be more durable helps you to save your money from buying the coffee machine again and again.

Coffee Grinders will grind the coffee beans allowing it to get a rich flavor and aroma of a coffee. Grinding a coffee bean even 10 minutes before brewing is best recommended since the coffee losses it’s flavor and aroma as the time flies. Tampers is a small handheld tool that is used to compress a coffee bean into a portafilter basket before brewing. Tamping the ground beans is an important part of producing a perfect coffee. Frothing Pitchers is very much necessary for making the specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The pouts of pitcher will help you to design the brew you present to your customers.

Coffee Filters are generally made up of semi permeable papers which allows liquids through but not the solids and does not disintegrate while it is wet. Coffee filters come in variety of sizes to fit in to different brewers, you should know which size of coffee filter you need for your business. Smoothie blenders is necessary to make a frozen based drink like iced lattes and macchiatos.

Along with these equipment’s there are many equipment to consider for a café includes measuring cups and spoons, frothing thermometer, tea ball infusers, creamers etc. you need to carefully select the equipment make sure that you purchase a high quality products since the business should last long and the customers will never compromise when it comes for the quality. Having these equipment at your business place will definitely allow your business to earn a good profit.