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How Does Dog Breed Dna Test Work?

Dog DNA testing is simple and quite effective. In order to do the test, you just have to order a dog DNA testing kit. These kits are available in retail shops and also online. It works by testing the sample and providing accurate results in the process. Dog breed DNA tests are quite effective in determining the lineage of a dog. It can also help in predicting any illnesses, statistics such as the height and weight of a dog etc.

The first step is to collect the dog’s DNA. This can be done by inserting a cotton swab into the dog’s mouth and rubbing it against the inside of a cheek in order to collect a cheek swab DNA sample. Many of the DNA test kits provide a self addressed package making use of which you can send the dog’s DNA to the lab for testing purpose. You should take care to follow the instructions carefully and must label the DNA samples whenever it is necessary.

You can get the dog’s genetic DNA report in a short time frame of 2 to 3 weeks. This again depends on the product that you have chosen. The DNA test results for dogs in turn comprises of detailed information about the dog’s ancestry and the genetics of the breed. This information is quite beneficial in understanding the behaviour of the dog. It further helps in developing a tailored training program which is based on the breed history of the dog. It helps in predicting the weight of the dog that is the weight that the dog is likely to attain. You will get to know about any potential diseases or illnesses that are quite common in certain breeds of dogs. Thus the tests are used by many dog owners these days. It is also being used by people who wish to adopt a new dog.