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How To Install Jeep Decals?

Your jeep has to be significant meaning to you. Most of the jeep owners want their jeeps to stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that? A very simple way of adding your own unique identity to your jeep is by investing in decals.

Jeep decals have got much popularity over the last few years and nowadays you can buy a wide variety of decals to change the look of your jeep different from any other jeep on the planet.

Step 1:

The first step is to figure out where you want to put your new decal. If you have existing decals, you have to remove them first before installing new jeep decals. An existing decal can be removed using propane torch and then cleaned with “Rapid Remover” which is available at most any marts.

Step 2:

This step involves cleaning and preparing the surface where new decal has to be installed. The cleaner will spend more time cleaning and preparing the surface. If you have any residue, dust, dirt, tree sap or other foreign substance left behind, it will show through your new decals like a wart on a witch’s nose. Thus, cleaning properly the surface of jeep plays a crucial role.

Step 3:

When the surface becomes clean, you should not delay in this step as, residue is landing on your jeep and hence, it is better to get the decals into an appropriate position as quickly as possible.

Step 4:

This is the most important step where your graphics installer will install the jeep decal on the chosen surface. Here mostly installer will cut the decal about every two letters into sections. Then they are stick on to the jeep surface and then using drywall spackle, decal is pressed down in a firm and sweeping motion. This motion started at the center of the decal and moved outward towards the ends of the lettering.

The purpose of this was to set the decal onto the vehicle and remove any air bubbles that may have occurred when placing it down after removing the backing. When you start at the center of the decal and push outward you are allowing any tiny air bubbles to be expelled from underneath the surface of your decal.

Step 5:

The last and final step involves peeling back the top layer of decal. After the decals were pressed down, it was the right time to pull back the top layer on the decal to reveal the jeep decal. Time factor is not considered here. Hence, it should be done with more care and patience.