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Malaysia – Travel Guide For Tourists

Malaysia is a beautiful country as well as best tourist destination in Asia. The country has witnessed the peaceful co-existence of manmade architectures with the nature, indeed Malaysia has very much to offer its tourists. Malaysia is blessed with the best natural heritage in the world, with many beaches and prestigious islands, nature reservoir and national parks. In addition to these vivid places, Malaysia comprises of numerous monuments and few landmark buildings which have contributed to make the presence of Malaysia in the world.

Malaysia features among popular destination in Southeast Asia, it is gifted with many best natural heritages across the world along with some glorious beaches and islands, national parks as well as nature reserves. In addition to these there are several monuments and colonial buildings that have contributed in Malaysian tourism. Malaysia offers a wide range of experiences for its visitors, the first thing that comes to mind when heard of Malaysia is never ending summer, vibrant colors and the local dishes.

One such attraction is Genting Highland and it is located just few kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur. This Highland is the mountain peak where the temperature will be cooler when compared to other cities. Genting Highland is a home for a luxurious resort called Resort World Genting which hosts an indoor and outdoor theme parks making it suitable for families and kids, discos, pubs, shopping malls and a world class gaming spot.

Genting has been a gaming hub for players providing variety of games along with numerous game tables, it even offers wide range of online sites which are particularly meant for gaming. Do not miss a chance to try playing online games which are available only for the visitors of Malaysia, is one of the most common websites which is most liked by the tourists.

Malaysia is a paradise for all the shopaholics, many huge shopping malls are found at almost every city around the country which will sell everything from all the luxurious brand clothes, watches and accessories to the handmade paintings and handicrafts. Apart from this there are some certain fun attractions like wall climbing, snooker, bowling, archery and video arcades which makes the country, a best tourist destination.