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RAD 140

RAD 140 is called as Testolone and it is a non steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM which has the potential to increase the amount of lean muscle mass and reinforce the effect of testosterone and does not have any unwanted side effects. Early studies and user reviews suggest that it is one of the most exciting and powerful SARMs available in the market.

RAD 140 is owned and developed by a pharmaceutical company by the name of Radius. The company has forecasted positive reviews in its initial results which point towards the fact that the product is extremely beneficial for building muscles and does not comprise of any side effects of anabolic steroids. The product first came to light during an Internal Discovery program. It was found that Testolone is quite beneficial in the treatment of breast cancer and can effectively correct muscle wasting in case of post menopausal women.

RAD 140 has an androgen receptor which is found to be very much useful in normal human sexual development. The activation by compounds also affects the development of muscles, bones, liver and even the central nervous system. Using testosterone to activate AR signalling for increased development of muscles usually also affects the sex tissues, thereby resulting in testicular atrophy, enlarged clitoris in females and it even ups the risk of prostate cancer in some individuals.

A major benefit of using RAD 140 is that it increases lean tissues without any significant increase in the amount of fat. When initial studies were performed on monkeys, it was found that these animals managed to obtain an average weight gain of more than 10% in just a course of 28 days. During the course of this weight gain, there were no instances of adverse side effects were reported in these animals.

If you wish to work out longer, harder and get better results while working at the gym, you can try the RAD 140 supplement. The supplement is found to increase speed, stamina and endurance during the course of workouts. This supplement has the ability to increase lean muscle tissue and decrease fat. The supplement is also effective in high intensity workouts and with the help of this, interval training can be optimized every time.RAD 140 is similar to other SARMs such as Ligandrol and Andarine and produces similar results as in the case of testosterone but without any major side effects.